Our Story... Cheryl, I, our kids and 'Beanie'

My mother once said, "Son, you and Cheryl should have written a book!" Well, honestly, I'm not sure if it would be considered fiction or nonfiction. Truth is, we have been very blessed through the years. We have two grown children, have traveled the world and have had many an amazing adventure (and story) to tell of our experiences, adventures, mishaps and learnings along the way. So what got us into photography and video production? Well... here goes.

In my teens, I always had a 'creative mind.' (LOL) I had dreams of being an airline pilot, an on-air meteorologist, a professional baseball player, a professional singer... all of which came true in some shape, form or fashion. But through all those unique adventures, the one thing I have always enjoyed is taking pictures and preserving that moment in time.

After high school and early college, I went on to work doing just such a passion... working for an independent TV production and photography company in the state of Kentucky. As an understudy of several world-renowned photographers and video production specialists, I soon began to develop my own creative flare. Through several Swimwear Illustrated exotic assignments in the Caribbean, I soon discovered just how much hard work also went into photography! When I met the love of my life, Cheryl, I was still working in photo/video.

From then on, I was hooked! Fast-forward 35 years later and here we are; still husband and wife, still living our dreams and still enjoying photography and video production. And whether it's singing a song, tournament fishing, playing with our parrot, Green Bean, or talking on my ham radio; you probably won't catch me too far from a camera!

And we would love for your story to become a part of our life experience as well. Thank you for reading up on us and we hope to meet you very soon.

May God truly bless you and your family,

Billy and Cheryl Griffin, Owners

Natural Images Photography & Video Productions